Since it’s foundation the company has priorized the human being, its employees, providing food, health care, gymnastics and wellness. Magnum is currently practicing and encouraging environmentally responsible measures contributing to a better and more humane world for future generations.

Meal – Concerned about the food and quality life of its employees, during the week Magnum offers in its factory nutritious and tasty meals. Every day breakfast, lunch and snacks are served in the company’s cafeteria for all the employees.

To be considered one of the leading companies in the watch industry it’s critical to feed and promote values that are enviroment friendly.

The implementation of friendly enviroment activities are only accomplished with the full collaboration of the team. Our goal is to make all the employees conscious about this need, including its Family and show them that todays proper behaviour will bring gains to future generations.

Magnum is constantly looking to inscrease its contribution to the enviroment and besides encouraging its employees, takes control of drinking water waste, electricity and selective collection of bioproducts such as ambulatory material, plastic, wood, organic paper and waste thus ensuring their disposal in an appropriate place.

Labor Gimnastics

OIn its factory, Magnum provides labor gimnastics two times a day in order to assure good physical conditions to its employees. It contributes to a happier work enviroment and avoids injuries.

Medical Assistance

The company offers medical assistance to 100% of the employees with national coverage. The team member gains quality service and are not alone when healthy issues arises.